Three Reasons Why Every Adult Should Learn The Piano

You’ve probably heard this phrase many times. “Oh, it’s too late to learn”. Especially when it comes to picking up an instrument. Most adults think that piano is best learnt as a child and once you “pass a certain age”, it is too difficult to learn, maybe even impossible. But the truth is, anyone can start learning to play the piano regardless of age. Here are three reasons why every adult should learn to play the piano.

1. De-Stress Yourself With The Piano

In a modern and hectic world, almost every adult is busy with work, family and obligations. More often than not, they are also easily stressed out. Whilst there are many ways to relax, playing the piano is a great way to not only relax but express yourself. If you are feeling angry, play some loud, angry music on the piano. If you are feeling sad, playing something happy to cheer yourself up. Or better still, just let your fingers flow and play whatever that comes to your mind. That’s what I do most of the time and before you know it, you are relaxed and your mind has something to focus on other than work and office. It’s also a great way to give yourself that much-needed “alone” time.

2. Improving Concentration & Focus

It’s no secret that playing and coordinating your left and right hand can help you focus and concentrate better. In fact, today many scientific studies show that piano players have a well-balanced left and right brain. I’ll write more about this in another post but for now, let’s just say that it helps you concentrate and focus. Once you are focused, you will notice that it is easier for you to think through situations, handle problems and be clear about your goals and where you are headed.

3. It’s just plain fun!

Most people’s idea of fun these days are watching a movie, going out with friends or perhaps looking at their mobile or tablet screen. Playing the piano can be really fun. Especially if you are playing and singing along or trying to learn this new song you heard on the piano. There are plenty of sheet music available online for you to try new songs and if you are able to play by ear, you can easily play any new song you hear on the radio. It get’s better with practise.

How do I work with adults who are interested to learn the piano?

For starters, I don’t have any fixed plans and teach based on the student’s ability to learn. So for some adults who are more visual, then I will try to incorporate more visual elements when teaching. Give yourself a couple of months, and once you have loosen and flexed those fingers with some practice and finger exercises, you will be on your way to playing new music everyday!

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