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About Us

What is Joy With Music?

Joy With Music aims to provide introductory piano lessons for any child or adult with a passion for music. We focus on teaching the basics of music from understanding notes, playing the piano and expressing oneself through music. This becomes the foundation before you decide whether to pursue a formal music education be it studying the ABRSM syllabus or anything similar.

Suitable for anyone looking to learn the piano

Great as an introductory class prior to pursuing a formal music education

Private Piano Classes for Children & Adults

Learn to play the piano as a form of music therapy for relaxation.

Don’t You Teach the Exam Syllabus?

Think of Joy With Music as the foundation. We teach you the basics of the piano and music so you can decide on whether to pursue a formal education in music. These days, we find many children and teenagers who have gone through formal music education but never truly enjoy the benefits of playing an instrument. Many of them hardly ever play again upon completing their higher grades.
It becomes just another certificate. We hope to inspire people to enjoy and love music, especially the piano. If you ever wanted to take piano, or quit, and wish you hadn’t, your second chance has arrived. Perhaps you were too young. Perhaps it was that rigid teacher and those boring exercises. Forget the past. Unleash the pianist within you now.

About The Founder



Founder / Pianist

V.Kugantharan (Kugan) was introduced to the piano at the age of 5. He learnt the basics before completing the eight grades based on the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) syllabus. Apart from being able to also play by ear well, he ventured into music composing and sound engineering at the age of 19 successfully producing many albums in the hip hop genre for local Malaysian talent. His music has been featured on all major radio stations in the country as well as being one of the first Malaysian music producers to have been featured on BBC Radio 1.

With more than 25 years of experience on the piano and fueled by his passion for music, he launched Joy with Music with hopes of inspiring more people to pick up this wonderful instrument and learn to express themselves through it.

Displays innate musicality…an accurate musical ear. ABRSM Examiner

Made a huge impact and revived the independent local hip hop scene, one of the most respected individuals in the Malaysian hip hop scene. The New Straits Times

Capturing the thriill of what it means to do things for yourself, and creating music solely for the love of it…and doing it well! KLUE Magazine

Just a small selection of channels that have featured Kugan’s music over the last 10 years, including BBC 1 (UK) and SS Music (India)

Call +6012-969 2201 or send us an email using the form below to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located and what locations do you cover?
We are located in Kuala Lumpur (Jalan Ipoh) and for private classes, we currently cover Klang Valley.
How much do classes cost?
Pricing for private classes are based on the location as well as the need to bring along our digital piano. Do drop us an email if you require a quote or more information. For private classes, charges are on an hourly basis.
Do you teach children with special needs?
Yes we do! We will need to access the child and then recommend the type of classes suitable. For special needs children, the parent of the child must accompany the child for classes. (but this may vary based on the needs of the child). You can consider this a form a music therapy for the child.
Do you provide Group Classes?
Though our classes are for individuals, we do cater for groups. If you have a group of friends who would like to learn the piano together, we can provide group lessons. It would be advisable not to have more than 3-4 people per group.
Can I pay for classes via credit card?
Yes! We accept online credit card payment for classes. Please contact us for more details.

Drop us an Email

You can also email us at hello@joywithmusic.com

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